Dance and Fitness Instructors – this one’s for you!

If you are a Dance and Fitness instructor, chances are:

dancer with computer

  • You came into the business driven by your passion.
  • You are well trained in your technique and style.
  • You teach BANG OUT classes.
  • Your students love you!


  • Did you have any business training?
  • Are you filling enough ‘billable’ hours each week to make the financial success you desire?
  • Do you run from location to location with very little time for business and networking?
  • Do you want to have an internet presence that works for you while you do what you love?

I  get it! I’ve been teaching Dance and Fitness group and private lessons for over 20 years. A few years ago, I set out to  supplement my income with some internet marketing. I learned loads of information and I love it!

I want to share all that I’ve learned with you. There were many roadblocks along the way that I’d like to remove from your path if you’d allow me.

I’ll be sharing information on topics like:

  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Facebook
  • Keyword Research
  • Google
  • Video Marketing (I love this for our industry!)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • and MUCH more.

Weather you are a complete newbie or consider yourself well established with internet marketing you are welcome here. I am excited to provide great resources for free solutions as well as pay-for products that I find valuable. You can rest assured that I will not recommend anything that I have not used satisfactorily myself first.

Thanks for stopping by and hearing my story. Why not join my community so I can get to know you a bit as well. Simply click on the top right of this home page or post some comments.

Together we can take the steps to achieving goals and living dreams!

Dance, Move, Live!

Patty Rose

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