Patty RoseHi. I’m Patty Rose, a dance and fitness instructor, business owner and entrepreneur of over 20 years.

During my years as a freelance instructor I had always wanted to create a business model to help other instructors in the dance and fitness industry. Back in the 1990′s, every time I looked for training to assist me in my dance business I found tools that were created for dance studios and did not fit my needs.

Flash forward to now. The wonders of the internet create an opportunity to learn and build literally at the tips of our fingers.

I love teaching. Dance is a passion and I believe it is a gift to share it. But, I began to wonder if it was enough?

Teaching as an independent instructor means I was trading time for money. I was ready to find more, ready to give in a new way, ready to grow my business with the internet.

So, a few years ago, I embarked on building an internet business to create additional streams of income. While I’d always had a website and I had my blog for years, I wasn’t utilizing the idea of monetization.

This journey has led me to tryout ┬ámany different products and programs to learn internet marketing, some were helpful – but many were not.

I have created Dance Fitness Pro to help you navigate these waters. I want to assist you in creating the additional income you desire via an online presence and internet business, helping you avoid the hurdles along the way.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to expand my dance and fitness career in a new way and continue to share my love and passion for teaching!

Together we can take steps to achieving goals and living dreams!

Dance, Move, Live!

Patty Rose

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  1. sherwin says:

    Thank you for sharing about your passion it made us inspired and motivated in our health and career.Please keep in touch.

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